Southeast Asian Human Rights Studies Network (SEAHRN) is a consortium of academic institutions which provide human rights education through study programs, research and outreach activities in the Southeast Asian region. It was established in October 2009, with 14 founding member institutions from 6 Southeast Asian countries.

The SEAHRN was born out of a common aspiration to enhance and deepen the knowledge and understanding of human rights of students, educators and the society at large in Southeast Asia.

SEAHRN members do not confine ourselves to academic studies only, but are actively engaged in advocacy work such as providing professional trainings for human rights workers, defenders and law enforcers, and in different forms of social activism and policy advocacy. We believe that a strong regional cooperation, as will be realized through the work of SEAHRN, will enhance and enrich our commitments to human rights education and activism, and will in turn contribute to better promotion and protection of human rights of Southeast Asian peoples.

SEAHRN Convenor

Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP)
Mahidol University

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