IHRP organized a Training course on Ethical Research for Human Rights
January 16, 2023
Master of Arts in Human Rights (International Program)
Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (mahidol.ac.th)
If you are interested in applying for our program, please submit these following documents through the FGS website at https://graduate.mahidol.ac.th/…/prospective-students/...
*Note: All applicants will be required to pay 500 baht fee by MU, not our MAHR program. Therefore, our program cannot waive it for anyone.
Here are the documents you need to attach when you apply online:
1. the complete application form
2. a personal statement
2.1. detailing their motivation for pursuing a master’s in human rights
2.2. discussing their area(s) of interest within the broader field of human rights,
2.3. explaining how the completion of the program will contribute to their career goals
2.4. and—optionally—outlining ideas for their thesis research;
3. the degree certificate(s) and academic transcript(s), including an official explanation(s) of the grading system(s);
4. an English language test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL-IBT, or MU GRAD TEST);
Please check its more details from this link: https://graduate.mahidol.ac.th/…/prospective-students/...
5. two references (to be sent by the referees in institutional envelopes or using an institutional email accounts).

Please download poster below here :