Asst.Prof.Dr. Yanuar Sumarlan

Asst.Prof.Dr. Yanuar Sumarlan


Telephone : (66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2127

E-mail :

Education history:

Ph.D. (Social Science)
Chiang Mai University: 2008
M.S. (Social Development)
Ateneo de Manila University, The Philippines: 1998
B.Sc. (Civil Law)
Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia: 1993

Academic specialization / Area of Interest:

  1. Military/conflict history
  2. Ethnic group resistance
  3. Southeast Asia historiography and politics
  4. Asian law and economy
  5. Statistics
  6. Civil society

Academic contributions:

Research results


Published research work (Journal article)

Kranrattanasuit, N., Sumarlan, Y., & Navasiritanaroj, M. (2022). Human rights education theory of change for learners: Value and awarenesssocialization plus model. Journal of Human Rights and Peace

Studies, 8(2), 193–221. https://so03.tcithaijo. org/index.php/HRPS/article/view/261914 9/0.6 2022

Published research work

Sumarlan, Y. (2020). Political economy of pragmatic refugee policies in Indonesia as a transit country. ASIAN REVIEW, 32(3), 63-93. 9/0.6 2020

Published research work Sumarlan, Y. (2020). Genealogy of Thailand’s policy and approach to human trafficking for labor and sexual purposes. KKU International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 10(2), 91-121. 9/0.6 2020

Published research work (Edited book)

Kranrattanasuit, N. & Sumarlan, Y. (2019). Restricted right to employment among refugees and asylum

seekers in Indonesia and its consequences. In H. Juwana et al. (Eds.), Culture & International

Law (pp. 21-42). Leiden: Taylor & Francis Group. ISBN: 978-1-13838-766-9. 8/1 2019

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