Research/Academic Services

Research/Academic Services


Research project 

The Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP) has research projects that operate under three main themes: Democratic Development, Peacebuilding, and Human Rights Protection for Marginalized Groups. Each core theme consists of sub-projects, which can be understood to gain insight into the details of each project. 

Academic service projects

The Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP) has both research projects and the use of knowledge in various forms such as training, seminars, making policy proposals, and communication with society. The implementation of various projects is within the scope of the three main themes, namely Democratic Development, Peacebuilding, and Human Rights Protection for Marginalized Groups.

Social Engagement

Vision: From Community to Policy from Policy to Practice  

Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP) has the Social Engagement that aims to contribute to the needs of communities in the southern border areas. This relates to the target audience who are key actors or change agencies. The Peacebuilding Center in the Deep South (PCDS) is an important mechanism that facilitates the flexibility of various projects. There are many projects related to religious relations, political dialogue, civil society dialogue, human rights, peace promotion, etc. There are research projects or projects aimed at educating or developing capacity, etc. 

Conceptual Framework:

  1. Connect the community to the policy level, this is a study and research in partnership with the community. This concept, therefore, promotes community participation, analyzing and processing data to bring proposals at the local level to the policy level, such as the dialogue between politicians, the Sai Buri River Basin Research Project, the Governance Model Project, the Study the situation of using Patani Malay and the Pattana Kampong School Project, etc. In addition, there is an understanding and exchange of knowledge on policies such as the peace process and solutions based on human rights principles and peaceful means among government officials and stakeholders in the area.
  2. Create a safe space to talk, this is the idea of creating a central or open public space for discussion and development into a joint social activity or practice. There are many activities such as the Civil Society Network Project, the Patani/Southern Border Dialogue Project, the Constitution Discussion Project or the Peace Democracy Project, the Pattani Peace Walk Project, the Peace Railway Project, the Community Relations Cycling Project, etc.

Create a society that embraces diversity, this is the idea of fostering a collaborative learning process to build social connections. It is an exchange between cultures, religions, and beliefs to create a creative impetus for joint social action. There are several projects including youth programs, cultural skills, Seed of Peace, Interreligious Council: IRC, Interfaith Buddy, dialogue projects between groups such as religious leaders, community leaders, women’s groups, natural resources and environment groups, civil society, etc.


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