M.A. Human Rights and Peace Studies Thai Program

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  • M.A. Human Rights and Peace Studies (Thai Program)
  • Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies Mahidol University (Salaya), Nakhon Pathom, Thailand 73170
  • (+66) 2-441-0813-5 ext.1113
  • (+66) 2-441-0872-73
  • ihrphrps@mahidol.ac.th

Master of Arts in Human Rights and Peace Studies (Thai Program)

Master of Arts Program Department of Human Rights and Peace Studies It is an interdisciplinary postgraduate program emphasizing a participatory teaching and learning process between learners and teachers. The course offers students the opportunity to develop perspectives and analytical frameworks for society, economy, politics and culture from a human rights perspective. justice, conflict transformation, and peace, building on the foundations of social knowledge and understanding of one’s own experience. And can apply those knowledge to work in both practical and academic departments To build a society with a culture of human rights and peace.

Students will be part of the academic community of the Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies. Mahidol University which plays an active role in promoting human rights and peace both nationally and regionally. It also offers opportunities to exchange experiences with international students, scholars and experts involved in teaching and learning. and various academic service activities of the Institute, including conducting research and designing human rights and peace activities of their own interests.

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