We always try to make sure our applicants have all the information they need to make sure they get the most out of studying with us. We’ve tried to answer our most common questions all in one place, so you don’t need to worry. If you can’t find the information you are looking for here, then you can contact our staff at:

Application Questions:

Why does it take me to a different page when I try to apply?

When you apply to study a master’s or PhD course at IHRP, your application must be submitted through Mahidol University’s Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). They are an administrative division which overseas all post-graduate courses at Mahidol University. Once your application has been submitted to them, it is given to IHRP for our applications committee to view. So when you click on ‘Make an Application’ in our menu, it takes you to the FGS applications page.

How long will it take me to find out if my application has been accepted?

We will start to review all of our applications when the deadline for applications has already passed. This normally takes around 2 months. If you have been accepted to study then we will send you an email and the documents you need to make your visa application. Our application deadlines are designed so that we can ensure all students have enough time to get their visa and organise coming to Thailand before the start of the semester. We can only review applications which are complete, so make sure that you include all of the necessary documents in your application. Also, as we receive many applications, we can only respond to those which are successful.

Is there an application fee for the MA or PhD courses?

There is a 500B application fee to apply online for each course at IHRP. However, there is no application fee to apply in person or via post.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my application?

If you have a problem during the application process you should contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies (who handle the application processing) at gradinter@mahidol.ac.th

If you have a problem, or think that there may be a problem after submitting your application, you can contact IHRP directly at:

MA courses: ihrpma@mahidol.ac.th

PhD course: ihrpphd@mahidol.ac.th

If my application is accepted, can I defer my offer and study the following year?

For MA courses students can defer their acceptance for 1 year on a case by case basis.

PhD students cannot defer their acceptance, they must reapply the following year.

How difficult is it to be accepted to study at IHRP?

IHRP receives many applications. We can only accept a small number of those who apply to study with us, approximately:

MA Human Rights = 12 – 15 students per year

MHRD = 25 – 30 students per year

PhD = 3 – 5 students per year

What kind of references do I need to include on my application?

For both MA and PhD courses, applicants must supply 2 references in their application documents. At least one of these references must be academic (this is normally a professor or supervisor from their undergraduate degree, or thesis supervisor from master’s degree in the case of PhD applicants). The other reference can be academic or professional.

I am currently completing a degree finishing this year, and would like to apply to study at IHRP. What documents do I need to supply from my current university in my application?

You must submit a current transcript from the course you are completing. This transcript should show all courses on your degree (both completed and in progress). Once you have completed your degree you must then submit the final transcript and certificate.

Can I work full time whilst studying at IHRP?

IHRP will accept students who are in full time employment. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you can attend classes and complete assignments around your working schedule. In every course you must take 4 classes each term, this makes 12 hours of classes per week. In line with the regulations of the Thai Ministry of Education, all students must attend at least 80% of class hours to qualify to receive credits. Most of the time, classes take place for 2 or 3 days each week, however in semester 2 classes are often increased due to Thai public holidays.

Courses Questions:

When do the classes begin?

For both the MA and PhD programs our first semester begins in mid August, and the second semester begins in early January. The exact dates can vary, but you will be informed when you are accepted to study.

Can I begin studying in semester 2 instead of semester 1?

We do accept students to start their studies in semester 2 (studying semester 1 the following year). These applications are considered on a case by case basis. If you would like to start studying in semester 2 (January) you must have submitted your application by November 30th of the previous year.

How long does it take to study the MA Human Rights course?

The course starts in mid August, and classes for semester 2 normally finish in mid May of the following year. After classes are completed the students will start their thesis which normally takes between 6 months and 1 year to complete. Some students might return home whilst writing their thesis (returning to IHRP for their defense), or write it whilst working.

How long does it take to study the MHRD course?

The course starts in Bangkok in mid August, semester 2 starts with an intensive course in Bangkok in January, with students leaving for their partner university in February, and finishing semester 2 classes around mid May. For the thesis, students do their proposal defense in January, and then work on their thesis during the second semester. Students have some extra time in the second semester as they have already completed the intensive credits. Students are expected to finish their thesis by August (1 year after starting the course).

How long does it take to study the PhD course?

The course involves classes between mid August and mid May for the first academic year. Once classes are completed the students must sit a qualifying exam, and take and ethics research class before starting their PhD thesis. The thesis normally takes between 2 and 3 years to complete.

Are there distance learning options for courses at IHRP?

There are no distance learning courses at IHRP. All courses require students to attend classes at IHRP in Salaya.

Student Life Questions

I need to find somewhere to live when studying at IHRP, can you help me?

If you email us with a request then we can send you some details of local accommodation, but we cannot organise it for you. What many of our students do is to book a hotel for their first few days in Thailand, and find somewhere more permanent then.