Dr. Chomkate Ngamkaiwan

Dr. Chomkate Ngamkaiwan


Telephone : (66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2143

E-mail : chomkate.nga@mahidol.edu

Education history

PhD in Criminology, Justice Administration, and Society (August 2019-March 2023)
MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice (May 2012-July 2015)
MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Exchange Program) (January-May 2014)
BA in in Social Science (International Relations) (September 2008-July 2012)
BA in in Social Science (Exchange Program) (July-November 2011)

Academic specialization / Area of Interest

Green Criminology; Business and Human Rights; Environmental Politics; Policy Corruption
อาชญาวิทยาสีเขียว; ธุรกิจกับสิทธิ​มนุษยชน​; การเมืองสิ่งแวดล้อม; คอร์รัปชั่น​เชิงนโยบาย

Academic contributions :

Research results


Ngamkaiwan, C., Phetsawang, K., & Durongkaveroj, W. (2023). Examining the Impact of
SLAPPs on Income Inequality: An In-depth Case Study from Thailand. Journal of Human
Rights and Peace Studies, 9(2). https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/HRPS/article/view/271950

Ngamkaiwan, C. (2023). Secondary Green Crime: Bangkok’s PM2.5 Pollution and Policy Corruption. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 12(4), 52-65.

Ngamkaiwan, C. (2023). Thailand wildlife protection laws are better but not perfect. 360info.

Ngamkaiwan, C. and Sirivunnabood, P. (2023). A Green Criminological Framework for PM2.5 Pollution Prevention in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Journal of Population and Social Studies, 31, 534–552.

Ngamkaiwan, C. (2018). Encouraging ESL learners to speak English in large classes towards the combining arrangement activities. Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(3), 137-153.

Ngamkaiwan, C. (2016). Problems of Money Laundering within Foreign Banks in Thailand Affecting the Confidence of Foreign Investors. Journal of Thai Justice System, 9(1), 83-105. (In Thai)

Other positions :

Secretary of MAHR Program; เลขาหลักสูตร​ MAHR​

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