International Hybrid Conference on Emerging Research in Development, Sustainability and Human Rights.

On 4-5 July 2024, at Montien Hotel Surawong, Bangkok the team of keynote speakers representing five organizing universities (IHPR/Mahidol, MAIDS-GRID/Chula, SGS/Thammasat, SSI/Mae Fah Luang, and RCSD/CMU will open the International Hybrid Conference with short talks on the emerging and burning issues in Human Rights, Development, Sustainability and Social Innovation in Thailand the surrounding Regions.
Dr. Bhanubhatra Jittiang (MAIDS), Dr. Chusak Wittayapak (RCSD), Dr. Yuki Miyake (MFL), and Dr. Michael George Hayes (IHRP Mahidol) open the keynote with refreshing discussion on emerging issues to date. This Hybrid Conference will be attended by 76 researchers/students from Thai universities and some ASEAN/ASIAN universities who will reveal their findings and conclusions from their research-based theses or papers. With the assistance of a lot of teachers from five universities, these researchers will produce a list of papers in a set of proceedings to be references for other researchers interested in the relevant issues in Thailand and the Regions. The Conference covers themes such as Human Rights, Gender and Sexualities, Divided Societies, Discrimination, Police and Security, Gig Economy, Environment, Non-citizen and Migration, Youth, Children, SDGs, and Myanmar.

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