Testimonial for MAHR-Sidra Humayun

“Working as a case manager for gender-based violence survivors in Pakistan since 2002 has always urged me to receive a degree from a reputable institute in the field of Human Rights. For the batch of 2020-2021, I applied for the Master in Human Rights and Peace at Mahidol University, Thailand.”

“My application was received warmly by the Institute of Human Rights and Peace. Here starts my beautiful journey in a challenging pandemic but exciting virtual learning. University and department have provided us the best and maximum information and access to the off-campus facilities. My concepts on Human Rights got more clarity by studying the exclusively crafted courses on Human Rights and Norms and Human Rights in Asia.”

“The easy and effective communication with students all over the world made this learning experience phenomenal. My favorite class environment is when guest speakers from UN Special rapporteurs, and leaders of their field are the co-lectures. The research output of Mahidol university is very high. I intend to do my research study on the issue of child sexual abuse in Pakistan. The tools and research-based ethical courses are providing me an insight that how I can amplify my practical knowledge into theoretic and academic traditions. These skills will lead me in a better way to unfold the layers of human rights violations and I will keep introducing this discipline to my peers.”

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