Testimonial for MAHR-Ar Mee Mar

“As an ethnic minority, Lisu from Myanmar, and was born in remote and conflict-affected areas, I have experienced different sorts of human rights violations. These experiences drive me to dream like a human rights advocator and defender to promote human rights, especially for the vulnerable and marginalized groups. Therefore, MAHR gives me a chance to implement my dream because the program is well-organized, even though we study online, and the courses also equip the capacity of integrating theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In addition, for a pregnant woman like me, I honestly would like to admit that the management of the program is very flexible because the program values all-inclusive quality education. I enjoy studying with international professional professors and students even though I could not study on campus because of my pregnancy. So, there is no doubt to recommend this excellent Master of Arts in Human Rights program in the region and I am very proud to be a part of it.” said Mrs. Ar Mee Mar from Myanmar (Batch 2021).

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