Testimonial for MAHR-Ar Mee Mar
March 16, 2022
Testimonial for MAHR-Ryuonga Kim
March 16, 2022

Testimonial for MAHR-Kyaw Lwin

“Born into an environment surrounded by various human rights violations over the years, I long for the taste of human rights. The word “human rights” was strange to me because I had seen the scene of being arrested for distributing the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” at an early age.

I have studied law as an undergraduate, and the current MAHR Program reinforces my goal of as a human rights lawyer I will help those who need legal assistance in order to access justice.

Discussions by lecturers on the compactness of the curriculum’s smartness provide an invaluable opportunity to study human rights in an academia-like manner. Throughout your studies, you will never feel lonely and enjoy the warm support of lecturers, faculty staff, and classmates. This program is that maintains quality when it comes to academics and learning methods,  but does not cause too much stress for students. If the milestone of your life is to attend the MAHR program it would be a proud choice,” said Kyaw Lwin from Myanmar [batch 2021].