Fees and funding


Students will have to pay approximately THB 200,000 (EUR 5000, USD 5500) for the duration of the APMA program. This excludes food, accommodations, and other associated costs.


1. European Union APMA Scholarship

The European Commission (EU), through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, is currently offering full and  partial scholarships for students from the Asia Pacific region to study in the APMA program.


There is no separate application process. Applicants to the program must indicate in their program application form that they are also applying for the EU APMA Scholarship. Please take note that applicants applying for the EU APMA scholarship have a different deadline (insert link to page) than self-funded students. Scholarship applications sent in after the stated deadline will not be considered for the EU APMA Scholarship.


In order to be eligible for the EU APMA Scholarship, students must be a national AND resident of any of the countries below:

List of eligible countries for Full Scholarship
Afghanistan DPR Korea Papua New Guinea
Australia Laos Philippines
Bangladesh Malaysia Samoa
Bhutan Maldives Singapore
Brunei Darussalam Micronesia South Korea
Cambodia Mongolia Sri Lanka
Cook Islands Myanmar Solomon Islands
PR China Nauru Taiwan
Fiji Nepal Thailand
Guam New Caledonia Tonga
Hong Kong SAR New Zealand Tuvalu
India Niue Vanuatu
Indonesia Norfolk Island Vietnam
Japan Pakistan
Kiribati Palau

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarships will be awarded according to a competitive combination of at least two of the following selection criteria:

  • Regional representation
  • Demonstrated interest in and commitment to human rights and democratization
  • Strong academic background and/or research ability and/or relevant professional experience
  • Inclusion and diversity of student body
  • Future contribution to the field of human rights and democratization in the Asia Pacific region


The scholarship coverage period is only for twelve (12) months starting from August of the academic year. If recipient does not complete the degree in 12 months, recipient will shoulder any further costs to complete the study programme.


Scholarship coverage

Tuition and other fees Covers 100% tuition and other fees for the 12 month duration of the program
EUR 500 (converted to THB) for 12 months. Amount indicated is for full scholarships only.
Exact amount in THB may vary depending on the current exchange rate
The schedule for the distribution of payments will be confirmed on the first week of first semester of the academic year.
The stipend significantly reduces the financial resources needed for the recipient’s studies. Depending on one’s spending habits, the stipend may or may not be enough. Recipients must ensure they have adequate financial sources to support their studies for the whole 12 months.
Travel allowance
EUR 700-EUR 1400, depending on country of origin and partner university country.
Travel reimbursement from country of origin to Thailand, and from Thailand to partner university country (Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka). Maximum five trips for the whole program duration.
Restrictions: For travel within Asia Pacific only.
Travel date to Thailand must be on or after 1 August of the academic year.
Health insurance
Scholarship covers recipient’s health insurance during the first semester in Thailand. Scholarship does not cover health insurance costs in partner university countries. Recipients may inquire with partner universities later regarding health insurance while in partner university countries.
Thesis processing allowance
EUR 100. Used for when the scholarship holder is preparing to complete the thesis. The study allowance is intended to cover costs of the thesis editing, page layout and binding.
Items not covered by the scholarship
Visa fees
Field research and other associated costs
Tuition fees for any units of study beyond those required for the completion of the APMA program
Health insurance in partner university countries
Education and other costs after 12 months
Bank charges
2. Right Livelihood Award Foundation Funding for Child Rights Research

This funding opportunity is available only to students who have been admitted into the APMA program. The scholarship covers fees and associated expenses for students who are conducting research on child rights. Guidelines are released at the start of the first semester of the academic year.

Interested? Learn when application deadlines (insert link to page)are for the current intake.