IHRP Prospective Student Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there scholarship or tuition waiver opportunities for the MA and/or PhD Programs?

AnswerMahidol University and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship currently accepts applications from IHRP MA and PhD students who are Myanmar nationals and Nationals from the following countries ONLY: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

On a case by case basis there may also be opportunities for tuition fee reductions and partially waived Research Supply fee for PhD. Students. For further information please email PhD Program: ihrpphd@mahidol.ac.th , MA Program: ihrpma@mahidol.ac.th

Question: When do the MA and PhD programs begin each year? Are there multiple course commencement dates?

Answer: Both the MA and PhD programs start the first semester in mid-August of each year and start the second semester in early January. Please check at http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/en/current-students/academic-calendar.php.  Please note that the start date for the IHRP Programs which may slightly differs from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Question: Do you accept students in the second semester?

Answer: There are opportunities to commence the MA and PhD Program during the second-semester which begins in Mid-January of each year. The MA and PhD program accepts applicants into second-semester on a case by case basis.

Question: When will I hear the result of my application?

Answer: It takes approximately two months from the application deadline to finish the selection process.  Applicants can expect to know results after that.

: What is the duration of the entire MA and PhD program?

Answer: Coursework for the MA begins in mid-August of each year and requires 10 months to finish, usually ending in mid-May. MA students are required to conduct their thesis research after coursework. MA students take approximately 3 months to prepare and defend a research proposal, 1-3 months to collect their data, 4-6 months to write their thesis, and submit it for review/defense.

Coursework for the PhD begins in mid-August of each year and requires 10 months to finish, usually ending in Mid-May. As subsequent to completing coursework, and before defending a research proposal, PhD students are required to sit for qualifying exams and pass an ethics research course. Typically PhD students take 2-3 years to collect their data, write their dissertation, and submit it for review/defense.

Question: What is the typical weekly schedule of classes for the MA program? For the PhD program?

Answer: A course at Mahidol is 45 hours in total, taught at 3 hours per week for 15 weeks.

For the MA program there are 4 courses per semester, which are taught over 2-3 days. A typical schedule is half-day Tuesday/Wednesday (9 AM-12 PM or 1 PM-4 PM) and all day Thursday (9 AM-12 PM and 1 PM-4 PM).

Term 2 schedule is different from Term 1. There is a fieldtrip and because of the traditional Thai New Year holiday in April many courses may have extra classes in January, February, or March.

For the PhD there are 3 courses per semester, which are taught over 2 days. A typical schedule is all day Wednesday (9 AM-12 PM and 1 PM-4 PM), and half-day Thursday.

For further information MA: https://ihrp.mahidol.ac.th/ma-human-rights/

For further information PhD: https://ihrp.mahidol.ac.th/phd-human-rights/

: For either the MA or PhD Program is there a long-distance learning option?

Answer: No, both the MA and PhD Programs require students to attend courses at the IHRP on Mahidol University Campus in Salaya, Thailand.

:  How can I apply?

Answer: You can apply via the online application which is open for international applicants at – http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/en/prospective-students/

Thai applicants please go to – http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/th/prospective-students/special-project.php เลือกหัวข้อ “พิจารณารับเข้านักศึกษาระดับบัณฑิตศึกษา”

If applicants have difficulty applying online, please inform the Program via email that applications and other required documents will be submitted in person OR by sending a hard-copy of application and required documents via postal service. There is no application fee for in-person or postal submission.

: Is there any application fee?

Answer: Yes, the application fee of 500 baht is required to complete the online application.

But there is no application fee for in-person or postal submission. Please go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for the online application: http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/en/prospective-students/#Step1

: If I have problem with online application, whom should I contact?

Answer: Please contact gradinter@mahidol.ac.th.

Please also inform Academic Program Coordinators once applicants have completed the online application, MA Program: ihrpma@mahidol.ac.th, PhD Program: ihrpphd@mahidol.ac.th

: If I am accepted, can I defer my offer to the next academic year?

Answer: For the PhD program, applicants cannot defer. They must re-apply. The MA program allows deferred admission on a case by case basis.

: How difficult is it to get into the IHRP MA and PhD Program?

Answer: The IHRP MA and PhD Program attracts a competitive pool of applicants from which the IHRP Faculty select 3-5 PhD applicants and 12-15 MA applicants per year. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance to the IHRP MA and PhD Program.

What are the application requirements for the MA and PhD programs? Is a writing sample required?

Answer: To apply for MA or PhD program you must complete online application OR submit application and required documents in person OR by sending a hard-copy of application and required documents via postal service.

Required documents for MA applicants, please visits http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/th/prospective-students/admission-PhD/pdf/admisdoc2559/7702MG00.pdf

Required documents for PhD applicants, please visits http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/en/prospective-students/pdf/doc_en/7704DG00.pdf

What is the special qualification for applying PhD by research track?

Answer: The applicant is required to show publication(s) in English in internationally recognized journal(s)/ or international standard publication(s).

What are the requirements for references when applying? Do they need to be academic, professional, or a combination?

Answer: MA and PhD applicants must submit at least one academic reference. The second reference can be academic or professional.

: I am in the process of completing a degree and will graduate in time to commence either the MA or PhD program. What documents are required from my current university to apply?

Answer: If you are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree please provide a current transcript including all in progress courses as well as completed courses with final grades. Upon completion of the degree you must provide a final, official transcript and certificate to the Program coordinator.

: What is the tuition and other fees required for the MA program? PhD program?

Answer: MA program for international students, total tuition and fees: 169,000 Thai Baht

Thai nationals applying to international programs must pay international program fee, total tuition and fees: 166,400Thai Baht

PhD program for students with MA in Human Rights / Peace Studies / International Human Rights Laws, total tuition and fees: 339,400-539,400 Thai Baht

PhD program for students with MA in other fields, total tuition and fees: 364,600-564,600 Thai Baht

*Research Support Fee can be partially waived for self-fund students.

For further information: http:ihrp.mahidol.ac.th/index.php/en/academic-admissions/tuition-and-fees

: I have an inquiry I am trying to get resolved via email with IHRP program staff, how long do responses typically take?

Answer: You should allow 24-48 hours for email responses.

: Can I work full time and be enrolled as a full time student?

Answer: 1. In every course you take (4 courses per term), you must attend 80 % of all the classes in each course. Generally, courses are taught on two days of the week, however, there are many times throughout the term in which lecture make up classes and other academic activities are held.

Please note in Term 2 of each year there is a fieldtrip and because of the traditional Thai New Year holiday in April many courses may have extra classes in January, February, or March.

What do I have to do regarding Visa prior to entering Thailand as a student?

Answer: Please note that all visa matters are handled by the Faculties of Graduate Studies. Please visit the link (Questions about student life): http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/en/prospective-students/faqs.php

Who can I contact if I need clarification regarding Visa procedure?

Answer: All matters pertaining to Visa for international students at Mahidol are handled by the Facultiy  of Graduate Studies.  Please direct your questions to

Khun Pawaris: gradinter@mahidol.ac.th OR       Khun Lalita: lalita.adu@mahidol.ac.th

Where can I find information about student life in Mahidol and about accommodation in Salaya?

Answer: The latest Student Guidebook Year 2015 can be downloaded from the Institute website, under the tab ‘Resources’: https://ihrp.mahidol.ac.th/index.php/en   Follow us on Facebook to be in touch with alumni and current students of our Programs: https://www.facebook.com/IHRP.Mahidol