Corporate Compliance

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Research Project Name:
Corporate Compliance
IHRP Staff and/or Students involved:
Matt Mullen, PhD, IHRP Lecturer and collaboration with faculty/students to be determined
Theme, Rationale, and Objectives of the Research:
This initiative falls under the Mahidol Talent Management Fund. This is a multi-year initiative for which the objectives have yet to be clearly defined. The project started with an assessment of corporate human rights policies. Likely, there will be a number of short term projects all of which fit under the umbrella of corporate compliance.
Target Audience:
Advocates and practitioners working in the HR and business interface.
Short Description of the Research Process:
Thus far, the research has been desk based. Forthcoming initiatives will likely involve primary research.
Results of the Research:
  • If the research is on-going, then are there any kinds of support needed from the students or public? TBD. Support will likely be needed.
Period of Time:
2 years
Supporters/Partners and/or Affiliates:

Mullen, Matthew. 2013. “Reassessing the Focus of Transitional Justice: The Need to Move Structural and Cultural Violence to the Centre,” Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 11 March 2013.

Mullen, Matthew. 2013. “Locating Substance in Human Rights Policies.” International Conference on Business and Human Rights. Co-organized by Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Norwegian Center for Human Rights, University of Oslo. Hanoi – 28-28 June 2013.