Introduction to Study Program at IHRP

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PhD in Human Rights and Peace Studies (International Program)

The PhD in Human Rights and Peace Studies (International Program) provides mid-career professionals or researchers and opportunity to deepen their knowledge in human rights and peace studies and to undertake a major research project in these areas. The PhD Program, which began in 2006, is one of the few interdisciplinary PhDs in human rights and peace in the world, and is recognized for its innovative study program. The medium of teaching is English.

As the only PhD in human rights and peace in Asia, this Program offers its students a unique opportunity to engage, in depth, with the important issues of human rights and peace in the world today. The objectives of the Program are to produce graduates who:

- Have thorough knowledge of theories and concepts of human rights and peace
- Have highly qualifies research skills and an ability to manage complex research projects
- Are capable of applying their knowledge of human rights and peace, in a practical way, to real life situations.

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MA in Human Rights (International Program)

The MA in Human Rights (International Program), which began in 1999, is the first graduate program in human rights in Southeast Asia. The curriculum is designed to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of human rights issues. Since its establishment, the program has attracted students from Asia and other regions. The Program’s medium of teaching is English.


The International Master of Arts in Human Rights program aims at producing graduates who are capable of applying human rights knowledge to their fields of work, be they academics, policy makers, human rights practitioners or activists. Graduates will learn to acquire knowledge independently, a skill necessary for the advancement of academic studies and promotion of human rights in society. The program is committed to producing graduates who:

1. Have an excellent knowledge of human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective, and are knowledgeable about human rights situations relevant to their own experiences or specific interests
2. Are able to relate their knowledge of human rights with political, economic, social  and cultural contexts
3. Are capable of utilizing human rights knowledge in their respective fields of work
4. Have social awareness and the intention to establish human rights in society

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MA in Human Rights and Democratisation(International Program)

Considering that human rights and democratization are linked and that the two issues concepts are undering going through a challenging test in different countries in the region, Mahidol University decided to collaborate with four major Universities in the Asia and the Pacific namely the University of Sydney (Australia), Mahidol University (Thailand), Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia), Purbanchal University; Kathmandu School of Law (Nepal) and University of Colombo (Sri Lanka) to establish the Master Program in Human Rights and Democratisation.  The partnership with the four recognized universities will allow partner institutions to develop and expand understanding of the principles, concepts and normative framework of human rights, democratization and further develop research in the region.  Moreover, it will increase connection between these different academic institutions in the promotion of democracy and the protection of human rights.  This partnership is a bold step for Human Rights and Democratization education at the regional level.

The achievement of this higher educational training for human rights professionals in this region is particularly pressing given the extent and gravity of human rights violations, and conversely, the insufficiency both quantitative and qualitative of existing and accessible education programs in the region.


With the focus on the analysis of the society, economy, politics and culture with a holistic, dynamic and interdisciplinary approach the Master Program aims to increase the capacity for the improved respect of human rights and democratic principles in the Asia Pacific region, by training specialists in human rights and democratization so they may be better equipped to advocate for, promote awareness of and encourage respect for human rights and democratic principles, both across the region and within their local and national communities.

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MA in Human Rights and Peace Studies (Thai Program)

หลักสูตรศิลปศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต สาขาวิชาสิทธิมนุษยชนและสันติศึกษา (ภาคปกติ)

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