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The Human Right to Play

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Research Project Name:
The Human Right to Play
IHRP Staff and/or Students involved:
Matt Mullen, PhD, IHRP Lecturer
Theme, Rationale, and Objectives of the Research:
  • To critically analyze the marginalization of play as a human right
Target Audience:
Practitioners, academics and advocates who focus on play, sports, and human rights more generally.
Short Description of the Research Process:
This research was primarily desk based with a number of field research trips organized through right to play Thailand.
Results of the Research:
This research may go further pending interest from specialists in this area.
Period of Time:
1.5 year initiative (concluded Oct 2014)
Supporters/Partners and/or Affiliates:
  • Partner initiative with Right to Play Thailand

Mullen, Matthew. 2013. “Reassessing the Focus of Transitional Justice: The Need to Move Structural and Cultural Violence to the Centre,” Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 11 March 2013.

Mullen, Matthew. 2014. “Getting Serious about the Human Right to Play.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science. 31 July 2014. Mullen, Matthew. 2014. Mainstreaming the Human Right to Play in ASEAN. Right to Play Thailand. Released September 2014.