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The Human Rights Library at IHRP has been established for more than ten years. It holds an extensive and up-to-date collection of books on human rights and other related fields, and runs on a web-based cataloguing system that is connected with the broader system of Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center. Students of IHRP enjoy the borrowing privilege at the Human Rights Library as well as other libraries at Mahidol University.

Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center also holds numerous electronics databases, electronic books, audiovisual materials, multimedia viewing equipment and specialized services including online reference service, multi-database searching and document delivery services.

Students of IHRP enjoy the borrowing privilege at the Human Rights Library as well as other libraries.

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday    08.30 a.m. - 04.30 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays Closed

Membership and Library Card

1. The faculty, staff and students must apply for membership to the Central Library . They must use the membership card to borrow library resources available at the Human Rights Resource Center. This card can also be used to borrow books at the Central library and other libraries in the Mahidol system.

1 week for processing new library cards and 3 days for renewal is needed.

2.ID cards are issued with barcodes to be used for checking-out books. Individuals must enter that number into library records.


Two photographs (1 X 1 inch)
Receipt for current registration fees (only students)
Student ID card
Completed MULINET membership application form at the Circulation counter, Central Library or Human Rights Resource Center.

3.Loss of Card: Loss of card must be reported to the Circulation Counter at Central Library immediately to prevent unauthorized use of the card. The users are liable for all loans made in their names until a report is made.

A lost library membership card may be replaced at the Loan Service Counter for a fee of 30 Baht .
For lost ID cards, please contact the Student Affairs Section, Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Students. Students' library cards are issued every semester.
Library cards can be renewed on presentation of a new registration fee receipt together with library cards and ID cards during the specifies time, usually first three weeks of each semester.
Faculty. The Library card of full time faculty is issued for one academic year or contract period but part time faculty must renew every semester during the specified time.
Staff. The Library card of full time staff is issued for one academic year.
Part time staff can not apply for membership.


Membership with the MU Library ceases when members do not renew or lose the library card or ID card.

* MU = Mahidol University


General Loan Rules

1. MU Library members must produce valid library membership cards when borrowing books. They must check to see that all library books in their possession have been properly issued to them before leaving the library.
2. The MU Library members are held responsible for all books charged to their cards.
3. The MU Library members may not use the membership cards of other members to borrow books.
4. The MU Library members must not lend these books to others.
5. The MU Library members will be held responsible for any mutilation found in library materials when returned. The members must check and report any mutilation found before borrowing.
6. The MU Library members must return or renew their loans when due.
7. The MU Library members must report lost books to the Circulation Counter immediately.
8. Overdue book fines will be calculated from the date due to the date the book is returned.
9. Some reserved books are not available for loan but may be used in the library.
10. MU Library members are responsible for understanding the policies related to any materials that you check out.
11. MU Library members are responsible for knowing the date your materials are due and returning /renewing them promptly.
12. MU Library members will be held financially responsible for any overdue, lost and damaged item while an item is check out.
13. When a borrower owes 50 baht or more, library privileges are suspended without notice until the account is paid in full.

* MU = Mahidol University

Borrowing Privileges Human Rights Program Member (Full-time and part-time faculty, staff and students)