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Transition in Myanmar

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Research Project Name:
Transition in Myanmar
IHRP Staff and/or Students involved:
Matt Mullen, PhD, IHRP Lecturer and Ya Tu, IHRP MA Student
Theme, Rationale, and Objectives of the Research:
  • Identify the various forces and efforts that prompted the transition in Myanmar
    • Synthesize the relationship between these forces and efforts
  • Investigate grassroots assessments of the transition in Myanmar
  • Analyze discussions in the field regarding the transition relative to the dominant discourse surrounding Myanmar
Target Audience:
Myanmar focused scholars, activists and practitioners
Short Description of the Research Process:
Over 500 ethnographic interviews [throughout Myanmar] and 50 plus key informant interviews gathered over five years.
Results of the Research:
Period of Time:
The transition monitoring and analysis will likely continue over the coming years.
Supporters/Partners and/or Affiliates:
  • Joint research with Elliott Prasse Freeman, Yale University
  • Supported by Mentor’s Foundation

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