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Survival Thai Words

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Let's try the following words. We hope they will make your life easier here in Thailand!

Good morning, Good evening,
Good afternoon,
Good night,Hello, good-bye
Hello (male speaker) Sawatdee khrap*
Hello (female speaker) Sawatdee kha*
Thank you Kop khun
Yes Chai
No Mai chai
Mr./Miss/Mrs. Khun
How are you? Sabai dee reu
Fine thanks Sabai dee
Never mind Mai pen rai
Stop Yute
How much does this cost? Nee Laka tao-rai
Sorry/excuse me Khohtode
I can't speak Thai Phoot thai mai dai
I don't understand
Mai kao chai
Do you understand? Kao chai mai
Where is the rest room? Hong nam yoo tee nai
I am going to... Chan cha pai...
No, I won't go Chan mai pai...
Turn to the right liao khwa
Turn to the left liao sai
Drive straight on Khap trong-pai
What is this? Nee arai
Very expensive Paeng maag
Any discount? Lot rakha dai mai
The bill please Gep taang / check bin
Please speak slowly Prot phut cha-cha
Very good Dee mak
Not good Mai dee
good-bye La gon
See you again Laew phob gan mai
Good luck Kor hai chok dee

Add the polite particles khrap/kha (male/female speaker respectively) to the end of every sentence (see sawatdee khrap/kha)