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Numerous accommodation options are available at Salaya Campus, both on- and off-campus, including shared housing, private flats or condos, and boarding houses. Some accommodation options for both staff and students are below.

List of Accommodations

1. ASEAN House 02-441-9040-3
2. Baan Kritsakorn 02-800-3959
3. Bandit Place 02-889-3219-20
4. Best Apartment 02-441-0995-6
5. Crystal Place 02-800-2904-8
6. Full House Apartment 085-995-1542
7. Miracle Place 081-909-8754
8. MU Place 081-705-7381
9. Nunta Place 0-2482-1049
10. Siripat Apartment 02-482-1855
11. Sirisan Place 081-659-7090
12. SP Mansion 02-441-4567
13. TS Mansion 02-488-22144
14. Variya Masion 02-482-1278
15.V.A Apartment 02-881-6407-8

When searching for an apartment, note the following:

Rent -- Average monthly rent is about 3,500-6,500 baht for a 20-30 square meter, furnished single room with air conditioning, bathroom and perhaps a balcony. Most apartments require an advance deposit of two or three months' rent.

Security -- Although most apartment buildings have security guards, it pays to be extra careful.  In addition to a built-in lock, most apartment doors have a metal ring for an extra padlock that should definitely be used.

Telephone --Telephone service varies from place to place, though a surcharge of 100 baht per month is standard.  Most apartments do not have a direct line; individual local calls usually cost a 5 baht flat rate and often have a time limit, about 10 minutes on average. Calls to mobile phones and long distance cost more.  International calls are often not possible in apartments, but they can be made at an international public phone booth and post office, or by using an international phone card or a mobile phone. Mobile phones are popular in Thailand and are available at moderate costs.

Utilities -- Most apartment buildings will add a surcharge to the electricity bill of about 5 baht per unit. The electricity bill can be very high if air-conditioning is used regularly. Expect to pay around 600 baht per month for electricity (without excessive air-conditioning) and around 100 baht per month for water for a one-room apartment.  A cost-saving option in this regard is to buy a fan (about 500 to 700 baht).

Laundry -- Coin-operated washing machines are common at apartment buildings.  Many private services are also available, charging by item or a flat rate per month, which can be more economical. Note that hand washing is common for many Thais, and clothes dry very fast under the Thailand sun.

Furnishings -- The definition of ‘fully furnished’ varies widely.  A good fully furnished room provides a bed, telephone, desk, chair, wardrobe, and possibly a refrigerator, television or cable service, sometimes with English language channels.

Note: Students have to pay 2-3 month deposit plus 1 month rental fee in advance. The cost of electricity and water is not included