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International Student Activities

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International Education program will not be completed unless cultural exchange is organized. Therefore, Student Services Section at FGS offers International Student Activities to all international students in collaboration with students unit there Thai student from different program /faculties in MU get together and formalized their activities bases on FGS regulation. Different activities include International Day, One Day Trip for Cultural Visit, Christmas or New Year Party, Volunteer Day etc.

International Student Community is a by weekly meeting group meeting is also available for all international student to facilitate your life adjustment and enhance relationship. To join there activities, you can check with International Relations Staff personally or check our monthly international link from http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th.

The following list of activities are organized by the International Relations Staff of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. We are designed to help you prepare yourselves in coming to the Mahidol University and settling down to the life in THAILAND.


MU International Day Christmas Party
Sport Day International Student Community
One Day Trip International Link (e-Magazine)