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VisaForeign students require a Non-Immigrant Visa to reside in Thailand. Prospective students should apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate in their home country before coming to Thailand. It is also possible to arrive on a Tourist or Transit Visa and change it to a Non-Immigrant Visa in Thailand.  Although Thailand allows many nationalities to enter for one month without a visa, those arriving in Thailand without a visa will need to leave the country in order to obtain the required Non-Immigrant Visa.

Applying for a Visa -- Students need a 'Non-Immigrant ED Visa'.  To apply, submit the following at a Thai Embassy/Consulate:

1. Passport valid for at least six months.
2. Completed visa application form (available at the Embassy/Consulate).
3. Two recent passport photos (4 x 6 cm.).
4. Official letter from Mahidol Faculty/Institute/College requesting a visa.
5. 2,000 baht for single entry and 5,000 baht for multiple entries visa fee.

Students may also need to provide documentation certifying that sufficient funds are available for their studies.

Applying for a Visa Extension -- The initial Non-Immigrant ED Visa is likely to be valid for only 90 days, requiring a visa extension that allows stay in Thailand up to a year from the initial visa issuance date.  (From then on the visa can be renewed annually).  To apply, submit the following at the Immigration Bureau (IB) in Bangkok (see address below):

1. Valid passport, with one photocopy.
2. Official letter from MU Faculty/Institute/College attesting to student/staff status.
3. Current Registration Payment Receipt
4. One recent passport photo (4 x 6 cm.).
5. Completed visa extension form TM.7.
6. 1,900 baht visa extension fee.

Registering Every 90 Days -- All foreigners staying long term in Thailand must notify the IB of their place of residence every 90 days. To register submit the following at the IB:

1. Valid passport.
2. Completed '90 Day Report Form'.
3. Receipt from the previous 90 Day registration (if any).

Registering every 90 days is fairly simple, quick - and free.  Registration is allowed from one week before to one week after the exact day marking 90 days in the country.

Note: the IB charges late registrations a 2,000 baht fine after the deadline.

Changing a Tourist/Transit Visa to Non-Immigrant Visa -- Those arriving on a 60-day Tourist Visa or Transit Visa can change it to a Non-Immigrant Visa in Thailand, although this must be done with at least 30 days validity left on the visa as the process may take that long.   To apply, submit a valid passport, an official letter from a Mahidol University Faculty/Institute/College attesting to student/staff status and the proper application form at the IB. Students should change to a 'Non-Immigrant ED Visa'.
Overstaying a Visa -- Be aware that overstaying a visa can become very expensive; a fine of 500 baht per day is charged and possibly an additional fine.  Thus any official documents needed from any department at MU should be requested far in advance of any deadline.

Applying for a Re-entry Permit -- To travel outside Thailand before the Non-Immigrant Visa expires, it is necessary to get a re-entry permit in order to re-enter the country and use the time remaining on the visa -- or else the visa will be automatically cancelled. To apply submit the following:

1. Valid passport, with one photocopy.
2. One passport photo (4 X 6 cm.).
3. Re-entry application form T.M. 8.
4. 1,000 baht for single re-entry and 3,800 baht for multiple.

Note: a re-entry permit may be obtained more than once, in the case of repeated travel outside Thailand.

Finding the Immigration Bureau -- The address of the IB in is:

Immigration Bureau (Nakhonpathom)
52/11 Moo. 2 Soi Raiking14,
Raiking Road, Samphan,
Nakhonpathom 73210
Tel: 034-318996-7
Website: and

Download form: