Life in Salaya

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Life in SalayaSalaya Campus, opened in 1982, is located just a few hundred meters from Bangkok’s city limits in Phuttamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom Province, on 520 acres (210 hectares) of natural beauty, landscaped gardens and tropical foliage. The relaxing semi-rural setting, within easy reach of central Bangkok, makes it ideal for studying or working in tranquility without losing out on the myriad opportunities available in the city proper.

Most international undergraduate students at Mahidol attend Mahidol University International College (MUIC) on Salaya Campus. Because all first-year native Thai students in national programs also study at Salaya, there is ample opportunity for international undergraduates to get to know their Thai counterparts. Many international postgraduate students, including full-time and visiting students and short training course participants, study or perform research at Salaya. Salaya is also home to many foreign staff members, including lecturers and administrative personnel at MUIC and other academic, research and administrative divisions.

Salaya Campus houses the largest number and widest variety of Mahidol University's academic and research facilities, including 7 Faculties, 7 Institutes and 5 Colleges. Numerous other sub-faculty level Research Centers and Laboratories are also located on campus, along with:

• the Central Library and 6 branch libraries of the Mahidol University Library and Information Center, and the Office of Human Rights Studies Library <link to library page>, as well as other independent Faculty libraries;
• the Student Union, home to many student services, clubs and activities, and the main cafeteria;
• the Office of the President , the University administration building;
• numerous stores, eating establishments, student and staff dormitories and condominiums, and a comprehensive range of facilities for attending to the academic, professional and personal needs of staff and students. See Shopping in Salaya for more information.
• Sports and recreation facilities, including a Sports Center, swimming pools and indoor stadium. See Sport & Fitness for more information.